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Student Opportunities Offered by SCIFTS

SCIFTS and IFT offer opportunities to students in the local area. Jill Golden, Student Affairs Chair, along with Erin Vaughan and Suraj Meharwade, students, have created this video explaining the many opportunities for students through SCIFTS and IFT. Please share this short video with at Food Science Club meetings.

To view the video, please click here.

35th Student Product Development Competition
March 10, 2022

The purpose of the competition is to:

  1. Provide a link between industry, students, and SCIFTS
  2. Encourage involvement in the Institute of Food Technologists
  3. Promote professionalism and innovative thinking
  4. Provide an opportunity for individuals to develop skills in teamwork and cooperation
  5. Afford food industry representatives the opportunity to spot talented students for potential employment

Failure to comply with any of the rules of the competition may result in penalization of teams, including disqualification at the discretion of the judges and the competition chair.


Entries must consist of a proposal for a new food product. Judges will be evaluating the potential success of product entries in today's market and technical problem-solving skills used in product development. Teams may enter their product in IFTSA Product Development Competition as well. To control the emphasis and fairness of the competition, the following limitations will be enforced:

  1. Since the focus of this competition is on food science skills in product development, judges will not give points for the quality of package graphics or other advertising material.
  2. Judges will not award extra points for the size of sensory panels or source of panelists. The purpose of this rule is to eliminate the possibility of teams earning extra points for their ability to collect more sensory date due to a larger number of team members. Teams will rather be judges on how they went about gaining insights about the approval of their product from their potential consumers.
  3. All written proposals must be submitted to the competition chair via email to in both .doc and .pdf format by the deadline.

Click here to download the complete Product Development Rules and Procedures

Student Club Funding

Food Science Clubs are eligible for $500 each year to use for any of the following:

  1. Speakers, including their travel and lodging and other expenses including room reservations and audio visual equipment
  2. Banners or table drapes
  3. Posters or flyers advertising club events
  4. Clothes such as club hats or shirts
  5. Other similar items
  6. Funds may not be used for food

In order to receive your funding, you must submit in writing a proposal to the Section Chair. Include in the proposal the name of your college, club name, contact information including phone and mailing address, and a short paragraph describing how you will use the funds along with an estimate of what it will cost.

The funding request must be received by the section chair at least one week ahead of the meeting. A representative of the club must attend the board meeting and present your proposal to the Board. If you received funds in the past, please include a short description of how you used the money. Apply early in the year so you can use your funds. Contact your Student Representative if you have questions.

Phil Bates Scholarship Awards

SCIFTS will be offering scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year. The awards will provide financial assistance to High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Students who are attending or planning to attend a college or university in SCIFTS geographical area (Southern California) majoring in Food Science.

Click here to download the Phil Bates Scholarship Information

Wayne Bidlack Scholarship Award

SCIFTS will be offering the Wayne Bidlack scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. The award will provide financial assistance to a Graduate Student currently attending Cal Poly Pomona. A $2,000 grant will be awarded to a qualified student who is currently working toward a graduate degree in Nutrition & Food Science.

Click here to download the Wayne Bidlack Scholarship Information

Education and Research Grants

SCIFTS Education and Research Grants are available to educational research institutions that advance food science, nutrition and closely related technologies within the SCIFTS' geographical area. Funding proposals will be evaluated on the potential contribution to further the knowledge in the fields of food science and nutrition, and on the potential contribution to develop students as competent scientific investigators or educators in these disciplines. The emphasis is to enhance programs that will benefit a large segment of the student population.

Click here to download the Education and Research Grants Application

Below are the Education and Research Grants awarded in May, 2021.

Cal Poly Pomona Dr. Yan Liu
Dr. Yao Olive Li
$9,155.00 for the purchase of an Electrochemical Detector along with HPLC Column for the sensitive separation analysis of Polyphenols in foods, and to integrate the acquired system in food chemistry/analysis teaching and research.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Dr. Amanda Lathrop $31,943.24 for the purchase of an Environmental Chamber for use in food safety, research, and education.

Cal State Northridge Dr. Annette Besnilian $28,466.15 for the purchase of a Foss Digestion System, Tecator Scrubber, and accessories for use in food safety and food fraud testing.
Chapman University Dr. Rosalee Hellberg $12,712.00 for the purchase of an E-Gel Imager System and Supplemental Lab Supplies for use in food science research.


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